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With young families, we struggled to find truly healthy, fresh, and fast restaurant options in Iowa. Aside from the poor quality of produce being used to cut cost, these businesses failed to provide options for varying lifestyles – families included!  We found the focus to be either trying to bulk up, lose weight, overdose on protein or live on pre-made casseroles!

We knew there was room for improvement in the young, but highly demanded and growing health food industry, which brought us to create Get Fit Grill!   At Get Fit Grill, we provide countless options for well balanced, healthy, great tasting meals that are convenient for fast paced individuals and families alike.

Every single ingredient at Get Fit Grill was carefully selected and tested before being chosen for our entrées.  We spent countless days examining and testing products that were predominately sourced from local farms. We examined how animals were raised, fed, the produce farming practices, as well as the nutrients; right down to sodium content and fiber - simply to ensure we used the most nutritious ingredients! This includes our seasonings, toppings and dressings which are commonly overlooked!

We could have just used the least costly and conveniently provided ingredients, but we took the time and effort because we CARE.   We care about what we eat and what we feed our family - And we know you do too!  We live right here in the Des Moines area, so we would not open a restaurant or prep meals that we wouldn’t even eat ourselves!  We will be there every day, eating the same meals we are providing you!  We believe in what we are doing and have created some amazing meals we cant wait to share with you!  We can’t wait to give you more… LIFE!



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