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Interested in finding out more about our meal plan options? Our staff is trained to sit down with you one-on-one to go over any and all of our different meal plan packages and set you up with the best options available for your goals. Fill out your information below to setup a consultation or book and appointment through the link above. Below are our onsite consultants that are more than willing to help you reach your nutritional goals.


Ivana Ivusic

 "My name is Ivana Ivusic and I am currently the head nutrition/ambassador consultant at Get Fit Grill and also an online fitness coach helping people achieve their goals. I have been pursuing my dreams in the fitness industry the past 6 years.  I am an IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding) Figure Pro who is determined and dedicated.  I am currently a 3x Olympian along with 3x Pro Titles and was recently invited to compete at the prestigious Arnold USA and Arnold Australia International stage.  My goal is to provide customers with the proper knowledge about healthy nutritional options to reach short and long term goals.  I am a believer in finding strength within yourself to change your lifestyle while impacting those around you.  I love getting to know people and exploring their strengths and weaknesses to create a team relationship."

Brett Wilkin

"My name is Brett Wilkin and I am the General Manager of Get Fit Grill. I graduated from Central College in 2011 Majoring in Exercise Science with a Minor in Nutrition and Health along with being active on the football team. Once graduating from college I continued my love for the fitness and active lifestyle by focusing on weight training for a hobby and started to focus more on my knowledge for nutrition and learning more about all the different diet fabs and ideals behind them. I recently started competing in bodybuilding as a side hobby which makes me stay very strict to meal plans and has led to much research of what types of foods work best for certain goals. I have been around the service industry for 6 years now and love to talk and relate with new people over health and nutrition that makes up such a big part of my life."


Tyler Hines

"My name is Tyler Hines. I grew up very athletic, active and played a lot of sports. But I have always been a very small, slender guy. I am an extremist, so I went from not lifting and not paying attention to my diet and being 115lbs, to eating 5000, 6000, sometimes 10,000 calories a day and working out every day. I fell in love with the fitness life style, it has become a vital part of my life. I continue to put on more size and have accumulated a huge drive to be in the sport of bodybuilding. I joined Get Fit Grill to be a part of something more than just myself. I want to help others as well! I spent time doing personal training, and while doing that I noticed how important the diet is also for meeting personal goals and I now want to be able to incorporate that in other people's lives. I love meeting new people and I am excited to help other people reach their goals as much as I am for meeting my own goals! I want to be able to be a part of everyone's lives and help them reach their goals and look back knowing we did it together! My hobbies include people, food and fitness which makes me a perfect fit for this role and that's why I am here at Get Fit Grill to change lives and show my love of fitness and my greater love for people."


Ammon Davis

"My name is Ammon Davis. I've been getting involved in living a fit and healthy lifestyle over these past three years. Most of my life I have been overweight. I could not run a mile straight through or under 10 minutes for that matter. I had not lifted a single weight, and I was weighing a hefty 250 lbs. Move forward to today, I'm weighing in at a solid 190 lbs. I've ran multiple half marathons, and have raced in over a dozen different OCRs this past year, primarily Spartan races. I learned to cook at an early age from my grandfather and father. They both taught me the ins and outs of the kitchen. As I got more into the fitness lifestyle, I taught myself about proper nutrition and portioning, which helped me to lose weight and build muscle. I came to Get Fit Grill because I knew I could bring something to the table. Get Fit Grill is here to change lives. Helping people to make and break their goals! Now I can take what I've learned, and help others with their fitness goals, and nutritional needs."


Nikone Sisomphane

"I come from a lifelong culinary background. My family's first restaurant opened in 1993 which is still in operation today. I have worked every component in the restaurant business totaling to over 20 years of experience. Besides cooking, one main hobby of mine is staying active and physically fit. Now with being a chef for Get Fit Grill I am able to tie my two passions together and spread my knowledge and experiences on a daily basis."







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